30th April 2013 @ Poetrylive

 8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

 Guest Poet: Romy Hooper, Chris McMurray & Moody Hikmet

These emerging poets are regulars of the poetry community, one’s style is so quick you’ll find it hard to, but you’ll want to try to keep up with, one who’ll have you laughing at things you didn’t know could be funny and crying at things you only thought would make you laugh, and one who’ll make you think you’ve fallen into a river of language and honey.

And as last year, the poets were given a challenge…this year, to take words from pages selected for them to assemble lines for a new poem. Each poet will also read some of their original favourites.

Guest Musician: Bailey Wiley

this gorgeous musician and her band you have to hear to believe. I’m not going to try and describe what you simply have to experience!

MC: Michelle


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