4th March 2014 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet:  Michael Onslow Osborne

Michael Onslow-Osborne is a poet writer, performer and editor of poetry and a band vocalist who cannot sing.

He is focused on developing the poetics of found language, such as spam.

He has been trolling around the Auckland poetry scene for ages, and organises the occasional Soft Boiled series.

His poetry has been published inABDotWW, Salt and Flint.

Michael has a background in education, having taught classes for all sorts of students, from 8-year-olds to final year undergraduate courses at university.

He is a and has volunteered to promote equity and support refugees.

He also adds that he has nothing to say.

Guest Musician: (Eden Roberts) Michael Murray

A friend of Eden Roberts, Michael Murray stood in to cover for her at the last moment. A great performance!

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