27th May 2014 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Deidre Nehua  

Ko Huruiki me Taranaki nga Manga
Ko Mataatua te Waka
Ko Ngati Wai me Ngati Ruanui nga Iwi
Ko Whangaruru te kainga
Ko Deirdre Nehua toku ingoa

Huruiki and Taranaki are my mountains
Mataatu is my waka
Ngati Wai and Ngati Ruanui are my Iwi
Whangaruru is my home
My name is Deirdre Nehua.

Mother, grandmother, great-grandmother
Traditional healer
Writer of stories, dreams, meditations and prose
For those
who would listen
I have walked and talked
my stories and words
In journeys around the world.
And back
It is my privilege
To be your guest
to share and learn with you.

Guest Musician: Joanne Slagel


Joanne Slagel is definitely young, certainly talented, and possibly the best musician you’ll see until the next one! She may also be a bit quirky. A confident stage presenter, Jo sings and nightingales everywhere get jealous and find new jobs. She deftly picks and strums her way through songs ranging from toe-tapping to eye-misting.

At the tender age of sometime this year, Jo came bursting-ish onto the music scene. Having a lifelong love for performance and making music has driven her to seek answers to soul-searching questions, such as, “Should it be ‘singer-songwriter’ or ‘songwriter-singer’?” and “Why did I marry a man whose last name rhymes with ‘bagel’?”

When Joanne isn’t gigging, writing / practising songs, or reminding herself that those things are what she should be doing right this minute, she also teaches music itinerantly. That’s a big word for ‘at lots of different schools’.

As for most people, Jo’s future is still ahead of her, but if she were to make a thoughtful stab at guessing what it might hold, it could be a gloriously shining career as a musical entertainer. She might even be playing for someone exactly like you.

MC: Tim

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