10th June 2014 @ Poetrylive


Poetry Live Presents:

A Celebration in being Nuclear Free New Zealand for 27 years

Nuclear Free Peacemaker NZ_small

With Special Guests   Laurie Ross

With  Ron & Saray Riddell

June 8th marks the day New Zealand became a Nuclear Free Zone enabled by legislation in 1987, an auspicious day in New Zealand history. We will be celebrating and honouring the work done to establish and maintain a Nuclear Free New Zealand working for a world freed from the threat of nuclear holocaust.

Laurie Ross, who lives and breathes peace and whose father, Larry Ross, was instrumental in formulating the legislation, will present a condensed history of Nuclear Free New Zealand and the current International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. Laurie will also read some of her poems; and Saray and Ron Ridell will perform peace poetry. This will run from 8.30 to 9.30.

We will start the night with Open Mic with the second Open Mic section after our special guests. (N.b. our Peace hour will replace the guest musician slot).


Please bring your poems of peace to share or other poet’s peace poems

and/or as usual, your own poems to share.

Rachael, your MC for the night.

When the power of love
overcomes the love of power
there will be peace

  –   Martin Luther King


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