9th September 2014 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd


Poetry Live Presents:  A Pre-Election Special

with Stephanie Johnson starring as Amanda Tauiwi Reinhardt Carlton

Join us for a pre-election special with your political poems.

All sides welcome!

Guest Musician: Freaky Meat

freaky meat

Freaky Meat are seasoned performers in Auckland’s live scene, recently joining forces with the likes of Andrew Fagan and The People, Black Sand Diva and The Neo-Kalashnikovs. They have also performed live on Kiwi FM’s 31 Bands in a Box, at Auckland University Orientation and featured twice at Titirangi Music Festival and Prana New Year’s Festival, Coromandel. In 2010 they released their single ‘Monkey Shines’ and the follow-up EP: ‘Late Night Kebab’. This year has seen the release of the single ‘Lament of Paris’ to be followed up with their debut album ‘Delicatessen’ due for release September 1st 2011 and subsequent national touring from November.
Freaky Meat are a dynamic and innovative act who have successfully combined elements of Jazz, Funk and Rock with beat-speak styles inspired by Jack Kerouac, C. R. Avery, Gill Scot Heron and Captain Beefheart.
Their performance will capture you with mesmerizing narratives of life, travels, experiences and people with front man, premiere Auckland beat-poet Shane Hollands, drawing from his most diverse, exciting and personal adventures.
The band also draws from the sophisticated musical styles of seasoned musicians John McNab (guitar), James Percy (drums), and Rod Redgrave (bass), creating atmospheric soundscapes which set the scene for each tale.

“Freaky Meat – who or what is Freaky Meat? Well, take two members of the now defunct Tutts, throw in a dangerously funky bass player …and then add performance poet Shane Hollands.
How did these guys ever meet each other? This is one of the unlikeliest liaisons
– in a musical sense – that you’re ever likely to find but like a few lucky, unlikely unions,
this one actually works rather well.” – John Brinkman, Groove Guide
(Abridged – see full review: http://l.facebook.com/l/-AQEOfsNcAQEtX7RA8QW8syBfmeU0EOv3W2V7FuL0LjH4Yw/grooveguide.co.nz/blog/2011/03/live-review-freaky-meat)

MC: Rachael (on behalf of Tim)

Open mic

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