10th February 2015 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

PoetryLive Presents: Plug the Animal Back In

Guest Poet: Hannah Owen-Wright w/ Dubtext

downloadfileHannah Owen-Wright is no stranger to music, performing spoken word to music
and singing in bands in England and New Zealand.

When Dubtext started inviting poets to perform over the top of their
electronic soundscapes, Hannah was an eager participant and they have gone
on to perform together at the Audio Foundation, the Wine Cellar and Ironbar.

For Tuesday night’s performance, Hannah and Dubtext will combine improvised
elements with pieces of prepared text and sonic textures and beats. The
focus is on the spoken word but there is also an exploration of the melodic
and rhythmic boundaries of poetry.

Open mic

Koha entry

MC: Rachael


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