13th October 2015 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Sophie Procter


I seem to have been making up stores since I could talk, writing them down since I could hold a pen. I was lucky enough to go to a high school (Epsom Girls Grammar) that encouraged creative writing with specific courses created for the subject, this is where my writing soured – I was given the opportunity to attend events like the Readers and Writers festival in Wellington and have writing published in the College Writing section of the NZ Herald as well as in the Sunday Star Times when I won the Secondary School division of their annual Short Story Comp.

At University I continued to take writing papers including poetry as a part of my BA where I majored in art history.

For me it has always been story telling that has driven me, in all forms including art and poetry. I attended the Animation College of NZ to continue learning how to tell stories in a different way.

Poetry is just another way for me to do this, and particularly over the last few years, as I and my writing have matured, poetry has become a large part of how I express myself and tell my story.

Guest Musician: Coeur De Sin


Coeur De Sin is Sindbad Bulidon’s stage name. The relevance of the name is in the translation: Coeur De Sin actually means heart of sin in French for anyone who isn’t a Francophile. This couldn’t be truer for Sindbad’s music: all of it comes from a direct correlation of existential experiences, the good and the bad in everything. Sindbad started singing while walking the streets late at night and found something bursting forth into the world. Things that begged for sharing amongst the world. Soon there was nothing else to do but join in the fray and authentic impulsive nature took over. Live jam sessions at Verona, several off the cuff events at Hum, Juice bar, Iron Bar and the Thirsty Dog. Sindbad found himself enveloped in a life abound with music as you will see this Tuesday night.

Open mic

Koha entry

MC: Rachael

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