15th March 2016 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

POETRY LIVE PRESENTS: Breaking the Silence

Guest Poets: Breaking the Silence

Breaking Boundaries is a grassroots arts organisation for queer, trans and gender diverse people in New Zealand. They are particularly interested in fostering positive mental health and societal outcomes through creative-oriented initiatives. They host an online art gallery QueerAesthetic, which accepts submissions from across the country, and have a range of upcoming events and workshops this year. Find them at www.brkbnd.nz

Cole Meyers

Cole is a writer, actor, director, artist and activist whose work is focused on creating spaces for trans people, queer people and people with disabilities and mental health experiences- to feel validated, creative and safe. In this way he combines his passion for art of all kinds with his drive to help others heal and express their truths through their own creative pursuits. Find his work at www.lostsolaceinstructure.wordpress.com

Adam Rohe

Adam Rohe is a trans actor who has always had a keen interest in civil rights. Brought up in the deep south of the United States and spending a few of his formative years in Cambodia – a country then still recovering from a horrific civil war – he has somehow learned to continually celebrate light in the darkest of places. He is now in the throes of the most exciting stage of his journey yet – a quest for belonging; within his own body, mind, and relationships. He is honored to share a few pieces of his heart with you.

Dominique DeCoco

Dominique Decoco is a transgender writer who works in the Television Broadcasting industry for Choice TV. She was born and raised in Auckland with a history of activism, bohemian living and production in the performing arts. Her writing is based around the people she’s met and experiences she has had viewed through a lens of surrealism, absurdism and psychedelia. She describes her poetry as romantic surrealism.


Guest Musician: Ary Jansen

Ary is a pakeha trans non-binary musician and artist. They are in two bands: one’s called ralph and one’s called team ugly. In 2015 they lived in melbourne and started playing solo music. They loop electric guitar with a pedal and cry on top of it. Ary has a lot of feelings. All of their songs are about being trans.. probably. Whenever Ary asks someone what they like about their music the common denominator is that its “raw”. They love to scream into the void.


Open mic

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MC: Michelle

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