17th May 2016 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poets: Simone Kaho

is Kiwi/Tongan poet. Her poetry has been called both sacred and profane, a visceral blend of raw emotion and cutting observation delivered with serious flair. Simone is a seasoned performance poet who crafted her chops at Poetry Live, she’s been part of many Auckland poetry troupes including The Literrati, The Kerouac effect and The Theoradical Hobohemiens. Her poems rage into the abyss and swoon into the cool shadows of secret gardens. She has a Masters in Creative Writing from the IIML. Simone will be joined by Paul Williams the cello-tronics maestro who’s known for his work with the Beautiful Losers amongst many other music and poetry groups.

Guest Musician: Brendan & Alison Turner

There might be something wrong with Brendan & Alison Turner.
Ever restless and with no fixed abode, they seem to have developed a strange love of driving long endless distances across the country, throwing open the old guitar case for whomever might lend them an ear, playing a mix of original Bluegrass infused Americana/Country/folk, with Appalachian style harmonies and songs where everybody gets shot.
They do keep good company however, and have toured extensively with the likes of Paul Ubana Jones, The Bads, Bernie Griffen, Great North and Bond Street Bridge.
This seems to keep them happy and mostly out of trouble……

Koha entry

MC: Michelle

Open Mic

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