12th July 2016 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd


Guest Poets: Bryony Jagger


Bryony was brought up in England and studied moral sciences and music at Cambridge University. She came to New Zealand in 1975 and has lived in Auckland ever since. She has written orchestral music, theatre music, choral music, songs and novels as well as poetry. She has had poems published in poetry magazines in UK, USA, Australia and NZ and on line. Her Right Angle poem was the title poem of the University of the South Pacific’s anthology of maths poems. This year two of her poems received awards in the PoetryBox competition for Halloween poems in the UK.

She will be reading from her 32nd collection of poetry, Howling at the Moon! As well as new poem.

As Ken said when he booked Bryony for her feature:

Remember that time you stumbled across a random poetry night on K’ Rd and you stopped in to have a drink and you watched till the end and the poetry was cool but there was that one lady who read the hilarious yet profound thing that you couldn’t stop talking about and you brought it up to your mates at the office the next day and they were like “yeah! I know the lady you’re talking about she is incredible!!!” and then you look her up and she’s pretty famous and has done some really cool things. That’s Bryony Jagger.

Guest Musician: George Henderson

GeorgeGeorge Henderon has led Dunedin band The Puddle since the early 80s, writing over a hundred songs, for the most part melodic and lyrically involved. He can also be found playing with The New Existentialists in Auckland. The Puddle’s albums can be found on Bandcamp, and the New Existentialists have just finished recording their first album.

Open mic: all welcome to read/perform

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MC: Rachael

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