26th July 2016 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Dominic Hoey (aka Tourettes)

tumblr_inline_o90kqbU7Hs1s8fnbs_1280Dominic Hoey (aka Tourettes) is a poet, author, and musician based in Auckland, New Zealand.
Under the Tourettes moniker, Dominic has released four critically acclaimed studio albums, two books of poetry and performed around the globe. In a former life, he was an MC battle- and slam-poetry champion. His writing has been published in everything from Vice (international) to New Zealand’s leading literary journal, Landfall. He has has performed his spoken-word poetry in Australia, Europe, England, Japan, and America. He’s shared stages with the likes of Homebrew and Sam Hunt.
In 2012, Dominic was accepted into the N.E.S artists residency in Iceland, where he completed his first novel, Iceland, which is due for release later this year through Steele Roberts.

2014 saw Dominic release his second book of poems, Party Tricks and Boring Secrets, a collaboration with artist Joshua Solomon, and embark on a successful 12 date New Zealand tour to promote it with Australian singer/song writer Ben Salter. He performed two sellout shows with Sam Hunt at Auckland’s Golden Dawn and opened for him at that year’s Splore Festival. He was nominated for best script at the 48 hour film festival and his film “Selfies and Poetries” reached the finals. He recently wrote and co-directed a short film as part of the K Road stories festival.

This year Dominic completed a successful 21 date tour of New Zealand with local musician Will Wood and released two singles, “No Losers @ Winz” and “The New New Zealand”, from his upcoming album.

Guest Musician: SAAN BARRETT!

Saan Barrett is a multi instrumentalist and writer of heartbreaking ballads. When he’s not playing bass for the Vietnam war, he’s singing songs of love and loss in his sweet
MC Ken Arkind (Once peed on David Cross’ toilet seat.)

DJ Pegleg ( As seen on the WB’s Gimore Girls)

Koha Entry

Open Mic, list out at 7:30 (5 minutes max or Kiri will beat the $#it out of you.)

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