12th June 2018 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Vincent Nathan

Vincent is a rollercoaster of art, excitement and sharp wit so jump on and get ready for the ride of your life. When he’s not tearing subjects to pieces with his fiery spoken word tongue you will most probably find him sat with a bucket of KFC wicked wings. Vincent is a chameleon performer who has slayed roles in both musical theatre and stage performance. He is a dancer for breakfast, a performer for lunch, poet for dinner and Drag Queen for dessert and yes all the added lashings of singing, writing and poetry workshops added to the feast. He has two single passions that fire his engine, poetry and youth work. Youth work is Vincent’s favourite Book giving him a rare glimpse into the minds and hearts of youth which change with every turning page each day he is in schools. Vincent Loves people and if you want to know more look for the man with the Ta Moko on his face and jump on his roller coaster and get ready to screeeeam for terror or joy (both are great).

Guest Musician: Shannon McIntyre

Shannon has been writing and playing instruments since she can remember. Coming from a musical family she likes to Dabble in all areas of music. This has taken her to stages such as the town hall, various markets, bars & parties stretching from east to west. Some influences of hers include Amy Winehouse, PJ Harvey, Brittany Howard, Nina Simone to name a few.

Open Mic: all welcome to read/perform

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