23rd October 2018 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Sally Strangelove

Sally Strangelove is an enigma—to herself.. Questions of Identity and Reality entangle themselves in blue within and beyond her personal space-time continuum.. Finding herself continuously led by some extreme mystic drive to actualisation, Sally Strangelove skirts the boundaries between art and psychosis in an attempt to evade hypnotic enslavement to a prescribed consensus reality fraught with pathological normality, obsolete political hierarchy, and ongoing systemic atrocity.. In doing so, she enjoys employing subversive strategies such as subtle satire, extremist ego-play, and comedic confusion, mostly within the context of performance poetry or theatrical protest. Through years of daily practice, Strangelove has mastered the art of inducing Associative Identity Disorder to channel her various creative archetypes to unleash some ever-evolving and perpetually nebulous Master Plan. Meanwhile, within another life in her own parallel universe, she fights to make the world a better place through tours of duty in marginalised, under-funded social action sectors…

Guest Musician: Midnight Poetry Band

Midnight Poetry Band are a loose collective in the Order of Wordcore (AK represent), creating magic through chaos encounters with any type of music, any type of poetry, with anyone, in any place, and any time—but preferably around Midnight* This evening’s show features the usual suspects: Sally Strangelove, Olivia ‘Tomorrow’ Montgomery, Shadowcat, Jake ‘Little Daisy’ Rawson, James ‘the Drum Daimon’ Rimmer, special guests and potentially YOU!
At the end of the evening after open mic a selection of other poets will perform with the Midnight poetry band.
Running Order
8pm: Midnight Poetry Band
8:30ish: Break
8.45ish Open Mic first 6 only
9.15ish Break
9.30ish Sally Strangelove
10pmish: Break
10.15ish More Open mic
At the end: More Midnight Poetry Band with some selected poets.
Open Mic poets…5 minute limit. Thanks.
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