26th March 2019 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Poetry Live is thrilled to present: 

Genevieve McClean with Nigel GavinSteve Cournane & Shelly Moore


N.B. This night’s schedule will be a little different with open Mic at 8pm and our guest poet and musicians all performing a combined set from 9pm and then more open mic after.

Guest Poet: Genevieve McClean

Genevieve McClean is an actress, writer, poet and performer local to Auckland. She has written for theatre and screenplay, and written prose as well as a few published works of poetry. But her career as an artist of the performed word spans three decades and has taken her on international performance journeys including a tour of America where she performed in Poetry slam tournaments in New York, LA and throughout the southern States. She lived in Berlin where she was shooting her documentary about New Zealand Artists and performed there at venues such as Club der Polnischen Versager in 2001 and she belonged to Farm in the cave theatre company in its inaugural form in the Czech Republic as they toured Spain to research Cante, Flamenca and Lorca, and performed in Prague also. Genevieve is remembered for her screen performance in the films Kombi Nation, and Toy Love amongst other acting credits. She has used her poetry in theatre, installation and film, and in a variety of interdisciplinary ways. She also has made documentary film, including her short film Stasis and for some years produced a small poetry film festival in Auckland called The Projector Project. She is also well remembered as a singer in Dunedin band Mink. She holds degrees in literature and in education from Auckland and Otago and is a graduate of Te Kura Toi Whakaari (NZ drama school). She directed The Girls as part of ‘Bathing with Elephants’, a performance installation at the Civic Theatre; These Four walls- site specific theatre in Lopdell house, and Flock, a Butoh influenced physical theatre poetry performance in 2016. She appeared at the Pop Up Globe in the role of Pistol in Henry V, and in 2017 she performed in Auckland and Melbourne as part of the Girls on Key poetry network and became recognized at home as the lady from the lotto ad. This year she performed after a brief hiatus to support Pussy Riot at the Pah Homestead and returns to Poetry Live! thirty years precisely since her first spot as the guest poet at our regular poetry event.

With Musicians: Nigel Gavin, Steve Cournane and Shelly Moore

Nigel Gavin
Nigel Gavin is a New Zealand based musician and composer, best known as a guitar player. In addition to being a highly regarded solo artist and session musician, Nigel has been a member of bands such as popular New Zealand jazz quartett The Nairobi Trio, Robert Fripp’s The League of Crafty Guitarists, klezmer “Jews Brothers”, and Jonathan Besser’s Bravura, as well as collaborator with artists such as folk singers Luke Hurley, Wayne Gillespie and Lorina Harding, Maori soul diva Whirimako Black, multi-instrumentalist Tom Ludvigson, jazz singer Caitlin Smith and harmonica maestro Brendan Power. He has a vast musical vocabulary which ranges from acoustic blues and folk to jazz, rock, fusion, surf pop, complex ambient grooves and various world music genres, in particular klezmer. Nigel’s original jazz compositions cross boundaries of genre and combine musical traditions. He has toured extensively and performed at numerous music and art festivals in New Zealand, America, Australia and Europe. An active mentor to young artists, Nigel founded and mentored the New Zealand guitar collective concept bands Gitbox and Gitbox Rebellion. As a constant innovator, he is a regular contributor to the Auckland experimental music salon Vitamin S and has given multimedia performances with photographer Ralph Talmont’s photographs.
Steve Cournane
Steve Cournane is a drummer and composer who began playing with Alpaca Brothers in 1984 releasing a successful E.P. on Flying Nun. In his late 20’s he studied jazz in Wellington and eventually won a Tui for NZ Jazz album of the year in 2002 for the album Stereoscope by Clbob. That group performed relentlessly around the country over a ten-year period from Stewart Island to Mangonui. He performed jazz on cruise ships throughout the Pacific and Caribbean from 2003-2007. In 2007 he moved to Lima, Peru, where he lived as a musician and studied the coastal Afro-Criolla music for another seven years. He moved to Auckland in 2017. As well as playing cajon and percussion in Isla Flamenca, he is currently playing drum kit with BOAT, Bill Direen, John Bell’s Aldebaran and the 10-Acre Bloc Conduction Orchestra.
Shelly Moore
After a brief tousle with classic musical discipline, gaining Grade 2 Piano at 7 in Whakatane, Shelly Moore abandoned strict instructors & made her way through the piano canon with determined irreverence. It took a one way trip to North East Blighty at 19, first time meeting with alto sax at 20, to tap the improvisation vein. A non-punctured stay of 13 years in UK cemented the connection with jazz, pub blues, soul/groovy funk, and lotsa genres. Shelly gained a BA in Performing arts in Music from Northumbria University and eventually returned to NZ 1998 like a shipwreckee in shell shock. Got a proper job, put sax under bed, had babies. 15 years later she got the sax back out, found a muse, via West City Concert Band and various muso adventures growing in stature. Discovering at 20 that music can be made up was the watershed, seemed her ears had relative pitch radar hitherto unknown. Now songs are bouncing out … She plays in Beaux Peeps duo, loves life alongside a fellow Beach, and she also plays bass. She has also been a part-time performer with Freaky Meat and has played with a host of other musicians. Shelly occupies her days with a great appreciation for the beautiful natural world.
James Crompton
Please remember to bring koha for our guests and that open mic is a 5 minute limit.
Rough Schedule:
8pm Open Mic
8.45 Break
9pm Genevieve, Nigel, Steve and Shelly
10pm Break
10.15pm More Open Mic
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