28th May 2019 @ Poetrylive


8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Poetry Live! Presents:

EllieMatt Reece and Kate Spencer

Tuesday 23rd April at 8pm 
The Thirsty Dog, (cnr Karangahape Road and Howe St)
N.B. We have a slightly alternative format this evening due to our extra guest.
Guest Poet
I am a sailor, tinker, tailor.
I am trans, pansexual, polyamorous, kinky woman.
I am a poet on the stage and a p.o.e.t in the navy proudly serving in the navy for the last 15 years.
I have faced hate over who i am, over what i do and the person i used to be. I have never experienced poverty giving me a rose tinted childhood and a childish adulthood
I have been married and had kids (not in that order :-P), i have suffered abuse, depression and suicidal ideation.
Poetry has made more sense of my life than anything else i have tried. My psychiatrist suggested i write, i open mic and i publish (not there yet lol).
More people than i care to count insist i am a talented poet, so i think i will keep doing it if only to keep my sanity. You people make me sane… ish.
Guest Muso
Matt Reece
Matt Reece collects and plays various ethnic wind instruments from around the world. He brings a contemporary approach to ancient voices whilst still respecting the ancient origins of these unique voices.Every performance is unique as Matt lets these instruments speak through him.
Additional Special Guest 
Kate Spencer
Kate Spencer is producer and alumna of Naked Girls Reading and The Wellington Feminist Poetry Club, and co-producer of Poetry in Motion Wellington; she’s a national slam finalist, a typewriter poet for hire, a project manager and article writer; she’s a church-going, fully fledged, committed Christian; she’s a dichotomy. She has done many things with her life and will do many more.
Photo credit to Becki Moss
James Crompton
8pm Matt Reece
8.30 Break
9.00 Open Mic (first section)
9.10 Break
9.20 Ellie Poucher
9.50 Break
10.00 Kate Spencer
10.15 Open Mic (Second section)
Strictly 5 minute limit for Open mic.
Please bring koha for our guests.
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