27th August 2019 @ Poetry Live

Poetry Live! Presents David Grierson and Sindbad

Tuesday 27th August, 8pm @ The Thirsty Dog Tavern, K Rd.

Guest Poet: David Grierson

 David Grierson has found that he is quite good at inventing his life history. He writes about his life and the experiences he has in it before his future passing. He has self-published and been published in Live Lines and in Toi Ora Live Art’s therapeutic collections. Last year he destroyed 34 years of written diaries and letters and kept what he felt was the best of it. He is a Remi winner director. He has appeared in crime documentaries and rom-coms and music videos. He survived his two dear older brothers. He was raised by a couple who cared and did not agree. He was a family babysitter for sixteen years. He has been hustled by his doctors and the Church and consorts.

Guest Muso: Sindbad

Sindbad is a wayfarer of musical inclinations and adventures with an alternative view on music that voids the inclination towards money and stardom but rather embraces the idea of doing it for love it whether as a solo act, a musical contributor or song writer to various acts. The last 4 years have been an interesting set of circumstances where he has been lucky enough to be in the company of a diverse range of Musicians, DJs, dancers and actors often chiming in on guitar or vocally, playing bluesharp over DJ sets and exploring what it is to truly lose the ego amongst the volition of the jam. Karangahape road is his earth wire and inspiration. 

“I am not here for accolades but rather a conduit for music to flow and evolve. So I am not limited to merely what is my own but will work in tandem with whatever and whoever fits, that could be a busker on the street or a dancehall DJ. It’s about the music and only the music”

Stylistically Sindbad is free-form with nuances of Rock, blues, grunge, punk, classical, alternative and Latin. Completely self taught, original and largely uninfluenced by anything other than his own style and what music  happens serendipitously within the ethos of a lifestyle. 

MC: James Crompton

Please bring koha so support our guests.

Open Mic is a 5 minute limit. 

Rough Schedule:

8pm: Sindbad

8.30pm: Break

8.40pm: First Open Mic (approx 6 only)

9.10 pm Break

9.20pm David Grierson

9.50pm Break

10pm Open Mic Second Section
Poetry Live: 38 years and still strongEvery Tuesday night at the Thirsty Dog on K Road.www.poetrylive.co.nz

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