Poetry Live! Presents: Richard Taylor and DogRL

Guest Poet: Richard Taylor

‘The last word shall want a word’ (Richard Taylor).
Richard Taylor has published three books including the chap book Singing in the Slaughterhouse, and the more ‘official’ books RED, and most recently Conversation With a Stone.
Born in Auckland he worked as a labourer in factories and in many similar jobs then trained as a Lineman for the Post Office. He studied for a Cert. of Engineering in telecomms and electronics while bringing up three children in South Auckland. Around 1988 he started writing and reading again and also attended Auck. University & got a BA in English Lit and Philosophy. Around this time, starting in 1989, he read at Poetry Live and continued to. Later he was published in various poetry magazines including Poetry NZ and Brief Magazine. He was in the performance group ‘The Poetry Bratz’ (organized by Raewyn Alexander) with Renee (Naima) and Yves Harrison, Linda Earle, Olwyn Sterwart and others. He performed some works at the university drama production ‘Red Zephyr’ at the Little Maidment.
His style is difficult to pin down and those who have heard him have either been instantly sent to sleep forever: or have been hugely overwhelmed by his passionate rage and furious storms of words, all of which wildness & ‘Sturm’ may indeed ‘signify nothing’. His mind has been said to be like an Enormous Ice Cream. Others see him as crazy in a jolly way. He searches endlessly down dawnless side alleys for the perfect coffee and donut…Regardless, it has been said of Richard that he exists….For years, he tells me, he has been deeply concerned about the fate of the red wire and the blue wire, and where they went to: when I inquired why & what these were, he was at a loss…In fact, he became as enraged at these injurious questions as any Icecream, and he told me to go away. “Perspicacious” “craggy” “donut” “intaglio” “coffee” “cream” “blopp” and “fog” he tells me are among his favourite words, and he remains happy with, if stupefied, by himself….
He informs me he once wrote a poem called ‘Oxymoronologologolistical’….
He has a Blog called EYELIGHT where he is now slowly & with near infinite stupefaction & tediousness assembling his Infinite Project. Asked what & why that was he burst into an angry string of invective, then fell back and said:
“I don’t know — who am I anyway?”
It seems to me that such profoundly silly utterances are what makes Richard so fascinating in an immensely tedious but ineffable way…

Guest Muso DogRL (aka Peter Thumath)

I’ve been writing (scribbling) for a few years now. For the last 5 I’ve been a regular at Poetry Live at the Thirsty Dog, performing under the stage name of DogRL Last year I made the finals of Going West Poetry Slam. The one and only slam I’d ever been to! For years I’ve been bashing an old guitar. I’m no virtuoso but like to think I can keep some kind of rhythm. Woody Guthrie famously said “any more than three chords and you’re showing off” I thought he meant three chords in total. I realize now he may have meant per song. For me songs have always been about the lyrics as much as the music. So it was a natural progression into song writing from poetry. I mentioned to a workmate that I was going to perform on stage. He said “aren’t you supposed to get that out of your system when you’re 18?” I guess so; it’s just that I’m a late developer. So when James asked if I knew of a musician for the guest spot; naturally I said yes !

James Crompton

Rough Schedule
8pm DogRL
8.30 Break
8.40 First Open Mic (First Session)
9.10 Break
9.20 Richard Taylor
9.50 Break
10pm Open Mic (Second Session)

Thankyou for bringing koha to support our guests.
Thankyou for keeping to a 5 minute limit on Open Mic.

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