Poetry In The Time of Covid-19

Poetry is important in times of major events affecting the nation and the world. Our MC team has considered and debated long and hard as to whether we should press on. We have been awaiting and examining updates from the government and guidelines regarding this.
There is a lot of fear surrounding Covid 19. Some of it is rational, some of it perhaps not.
It is important to us to keep our members safe during these times. It is important also that people are able to make their own choices.
Expression is also important.
As is individual responsibility.
That is a decision we all have to make.
As MCs, as guests, as poets, individually and sometimes collectively.
At present we are going to continue at least with next week’s event.
Guidelines state that all events of 500 people or more are to be cancelled.
Importantly there may be upcoming announcements even this week about smaller events. So be aware that this could change at any time. Our MCs or guests or venue may also decide not to forge ahead at any time due to many possible reasons and it is their respected right to do so.
Everyone needs to be aware of the guidelines and risks surrounding the current outbreak, and make their own decision whether or not to come.
We cannot ensure your safety against Covid19.
We will do everything we can to make people aware of the health protocols. That doesn’t mean we can always enforce them.
We will do everything we can to make sure things are low risk which means making people aware.
This means asking our members not to come if they are sick.
It means emphasizing social distancing with regards to human contact, such as hugs, hongis, handshakes and being aware of people’s personal choice as always regarding this matter.
The guideline with regard to being for more than 15 minutes in spitting distance from someone is important here. So unfortunately that does mean keeping apart which might also seem difficult in a small venue, so people need to be aware of that.
It means being aware of the risk to all people in your care and proximity, friends, family, colleagues, strangers and especially to the elderly and immune compromised should you become infected.
It means balancing out that risk and making your own decision on whether to come.
It also means washing your hands thoroughly, with hand sanitiser, particularly after touching tables, glasses etc as the virus says for up to 12 hours on surfaces and even fabric. And not touching your face with your hands where possible, as well as sneezing or coughing into your hands if you have to ,which we hope you don’t if you have followed the guidelines. You could bring a mask and/or gloves if you want to, or a costume inccorporating that theme.
Remember if you go to the toilet door handles, taps and other surfaces may also be a risk factor.
While at this point the percevied risk of catching it may be still low, there are new cases happening everyday, recent ones that may have potential impact regarding schools and wider implications in terms of how long the period before symptoms show and just how many people might have been interacted with.
Therefore it is important for you to take your decision to come seriously, as well as consider that in spite of all best measures there is a possibility of catching it from someone else there, or someone else who has been in the area.
We’ll be posting a link regarding the latest government info.
Right now that we have covered all possible bases, please remember above all that love, positive vibes and community are some of the best forms of immunity. Eat healthy, drink healthy and sleep well.
Also on a lighter note, this could also be a wonderful night for some topical poems.
So please bring your Covid19 poems but not your Covid19.
Be sensible!
The MC Team

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