Poetry Live Online Presents Scott Mcdonald-Bull and Sophie Procter

Gird yourself for some serious online Poetry Live fun on Tuesday, the 31st of March!

With Coronavirus reeking havoc around our world and uncertainty filling our everyday lives, us Poetry Live MC’s want to warm up the cockles of your hearts a bit by allowing the magic of Poetry Live to continue!

On our Poetry Live Facebook page, following in usual PL tradition, at 8:00pm on the 31st, we’ll start the night off with our Guest Musician! Next week, it’s Scott Mcdonald-Bull who will be occupying our screens with a half-hour set! Creator of The Nighthawk Experience – an “animated musical journey delving deep into different worlds” – Scott’s sound captures the uniqueness of storytelling and instrumental mastery!

PL MC, journalist, poet – you know her well – and wordsmith-wonder Sophie Procter will be gracing our online stage too! Get excited! She’s great! We all know this already!

Just like last week, open mic will remain open 24/7 for anyone to post up any new material! We wanna keep the expression of poetry open and alive during this testing time!

Big announcements on Tuesday too in regards to what us MC’s are cooking up for the 40th Year Anniversary of Poetry Live! Stay tuned! Eeeeeeep!!!

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