Live Lines Vol. 5 launched on 19th November 2013

Livelines Vol 5 COVERPoetry Live Publishing 2013

Edited by Rachael Naomi Heimann, Tim Heath & Penny Somervaille
Designed by Makyla Curtis
Foreword by Janet Charman
Photographs by Rowan Klevstul

Contributors – $5 for first copy
Second copy – $12
Standard price – $15

email to organise your purchase















Past issues can be ordered by emailing

Livelines 4

Poetry Live Publishing, 2011

Anthology of 2010 at Poetry Live.

Live Lines Vol. IV was launched at Poetry Live on August 30th.

Contributors include Albert Wendt, Anne Kennedy, David Finnegan (Aus), Heather McPherson, Iain Britton, Ila Selwyn, Jason Morales, Kevin Ireland, Michael Botur, Michael Morrissey, Renee Liang, Ross Brighton, Siobhan Harvey, Vincent O’Sullivan, Vivienne Plumb and more.

livelines 3

Poetry Live Publishing, 2010

Anthology of 2009 at Poetry Live.

This volume was launched on March 30th, 2010.

Contributors include Aidan-B. Howard, Michael Morrissey, Simone Kaho, Shane Hollands, Rosetta Allan, Christian Jensen, Jenny Clay, Penny Somervaille, Paul Lewis Green, Michael Botur, Lee Wallace and more …

livelines 2

Poetry Live Publishing, 2009

Anthology of 2008 at Poetry Live

  Contributors include Anna Kaye Forsyth, Daniel Larsen, David Ingram, Elizabeth Wilson, Helen Rickerby, Jason Morales, Judith McNeil, Raewyn Alexander, Sabrina Muck, Siobhan Harvey, Vivienne Plumb and more….

livelines 1

Poetry Live Publishing, 2008

Anthology of 2007 at Poetry Live

Contributors include Tim Heath, Penny Somervaille, Miriam Barr, Murray Lee, Rosetta Allan, David Brasted, Fiona Holding, Gus Simonovic, Rachael N. Heimann, Carolyn McIvor, Christian Jensen, Michael Steven and more…

One thought on “LiveLines

  1. We are a large Library Supplier – we have libraries wanting your books in the Live Lines series
    and we would also like to be able to let our other customers know about it
    If this is possible  – can you possibly let me know the details for ordering- price etc.

    I look forward to hearing back from you

    Kind regards

    Wheelers Books

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