13th November 2018 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Aidan Barrett-Howard

Aidan started writing poetry and short stories as a child, from around the age of nine. In 1969, at the age of 11, he wrote a poem in response to the playing of a piece of music during a music class, which was passed on to the Ministry of Education, who included it in their training material for student English teachers until 1978. In 1972, at the age of 14, he became the first gay school-pupil in the world to have a gay poem published.

In 1981, he enrolled at the University of Auckland, where he immediately started as a literary reviewer on their newspaper, Craccum, from which he would eventually move on to become Arts Editor seven times and editor once. But it is also when he started reciting his poetry at the fledgling Poetry Live scene at The Globe in Wakefield Street, and when he started to become published again, in the anthologies Still Life After Kafka (1981) and Tango (1982, ed. David Eggleton), among several others. In 1982, he also came second in the BNZ New Zealand Short Story Competition with The Game, a story of a young man who had kept his dead mother’s body in the basement for ten years.
In 1987, Aidan stopped writing, and destroyed everything that he had ever created, in a pathetic tantrum (my evaluation) about the arrogant academics and pretentious politicisation of the arts scene in Auckland. And with only the odd exception, he did not write again until 2007, when he returned to Poetry Live in Queen Street. In 2008, he managed to reconstruct about 90% of all of the works that he had destroyed. Since then, he has been published in a further seven anthologies or collections, he has been Guest Poet here in 2009 and at Lopdell House in 2010, and has won the
‘Love Poetry, Hate Racism’ competition in 2008, as well as two Poetry Live slams, in 2008 and 2010.
Aidan’s themes have typically been about being gay, about child abuse, about loss, and about depression, but he has been known equally to go into flights of absurdity or of humour, depending on how much vodka he has consumed beforehand.

Guest Musician: Volita Pearl

Singer & guitarist from Auckland rock band The Neo-Kalashnikovs. After taking time out for a couple years to have some babies she is feeling her way back to her musical roots. She is currently working on some new material for an album to be recorded soon which she will share at poetry live.



Open Mic poets…5 minute limit. Thanks.

6th November 2018 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Fiona Stevens

Fiona Stevens is a prose writer and poet who lives and writes in Tamaki Makaurau. Her work has previously appeared in brief.the.journal and Ingenio in Aotearoa, and the Blue Nib in the UK. She curates and MCs the Verse Us live poetry events held periodically throughout the year. Fiona grew up working class and developed a strong feminist consciousness, and these influences can be seen in her poetry. She likes to step outside of those boxes too.

Guest Musician: Mark Laurent

Mark Laurent has been a professional guitarist, singer/songwriter for nearly 40 years. He’s played rock, blues, reggae, country, folk, & even dabbled with jazz. He plays solo, in bands and duos, particularly over the last 2 decades with songwriter wife Brenda Liddiard. Mark (sometimes with Brenda on mandolin & vocals) gigs extensively throughout New Zealand, with occasional forays to Australia and Europe, and has performed several times on TV and radio.
Open Mic poets…5 minute limit. Thanks.

23rd October 2018 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Sally Strangelove

Sally Strangelove is an enigma—to herself.. Questions of Identity and Reality entangle themselves in blue within and beyond her personal space-time continuum.. Finding herself continuously led by some extreme mystic drive to actualisation, Sally Strangelove skirts the boundaries between art and psychosis in an attempt to evade hypnotic enslavement to a prescribed consensus reality fraught with pathological normality, obsolete political hierarchy, and ongoing systemic atrocity.. In doing so, she enjoys employing subversive strategies such as subtle satire, extremist ego-play, and comedic confusion, mostly within the context of performance poetry or theatrical protest. Through years of daily practice, Strangelove has mastered the art of inducing Associative Identity Disorder to channel her various creative archetypes to unleash some ever-evolving and perpetually nebulous Master Plan. Meanwhile, within another life in her own parallel universe, she fights to make the world a better place through tours of duty in marginalised, under-funded social action sectors…

Guest Musician: Midnight Poetry Band

Midnight Poetry Band are a loose collective in the Order of Wordcore (AK represent), creating magic through chaos encounters with any type of music, any type of poetry, with anyone, in any place, and any time—but preferably around Midnight* This evening’s show features the usual suspects: Sally Strangelove, Olivia ‘Tomorrow’ Montgomery, Shadowcat, Jake ‘Little Daisy’ Rawson, James ‘the Drum Daimon’ Rimmer, special guests and potentially YOU!
At the end of the evening after open mic a selection of other poets will perform with the Midnight poetry band.
Running Order
8pm: Midnight Poetry Band
8:30ish: Break
8.45ish Open Mic first 6 only
9.15ish Break
9.30ish Sally Strangelove
10pmish: Break
10.15ish More Open mic
At the end: More Midnight Poetry Band with some selected poets.
Open Mic poets…5 minute limit. Thanks.

9th October 2018 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Lee Wallace

Lee Wallace takes a grain of truth, a huge dose of craziness and equal parts desperation and slapstick and runs it through the sausage maker of his mind to see what comes out.
Often it’s rubbish but occasionally it’s brilliant. He’s gathered up some of the latter works to read for you this week at Poetry Live.
Lee has performed around New Zealand and was a guest poet at the ‘Spirit’ poetry night in Tokyo as well as making other appearances in that fine city. He was slated to do something in Kyoto too but couldn’t find the building.

Guest Musician: m(emu:)

I am m(emu:) who is musician/composer. I’m doing realtime over dub using my voice, app, melodica and some instrumentals. I’ve been seeking the melody, sound and music which penetrate my heart, seeking my sound too. I made a self-produced album about 6 years ago.
I encountered the loop machine at the concert of Massive Attack’s opening act by Martina Topley Bird 2010, “Ahhh that is exactly what I want to do!!!!” I thought. Then I’ve been attracted by looping my sound until now. Really like the layer of voices, the combination of electric and acoustic sound, scale of Arabic. Always WANTED ladies and gentlemen friends who are musician, VJ, makeup artist, illustrator, queer, ◯◯geek… any kinds of beautiful interesting people.
m(emu:) on YouTube
Time: 8pm
Entry: Koha

2nd October 2018 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Our guest spot this week features Anne Kennedy’s MIT 3rd-year Creative Writing Students!

(Clockwise from top left) Azhar Khan – aspires to be an upcoming Indian version of Stephen King.
Cinta To`a is a performer and dancer as well as a writing student; she has an obsession for all things fantasy and bubble tea.
Damian Pereira is a dude from Mangere who has too much time on his hands so he writes, about family, friends and anything else that makes him feel something.
Gabriel Faatau’uu-Satiu is of Samoan descent, raised in Porirua, Wellington, but lives in Manukau. He is passionate about Pasifika storytelling and is an emerging playwright and screenwriter.
Kyla Dela Cruz is a performance and page poet. She appeared in the Auckland Theatre Company production, Mouth, Tongue, Teeth in 2017, won the 2016 Rising Voices Poetry Slam. When she’s not writing she is playing with her toughest little dog, Coco.
Tsitsi Mapepa writes poetry, fiction, and recently, journalism. She is a mother of three who loves the magic of putting letters together.
Marcus Hawkins (not pictured) – writes fiction and poetry. He has a Bachelor in Communications from MIT, and is currently making creative work with a marae-based group at MIT.

Feature-length is 35 minutes.

Our muso is Adam Ogle (holding guitar). Adam is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist. Progressing from playing in pubs in Whangarei to performing at festivals such as Prana and the Auckland Folk Festival. His first love is the guitar, but after being, somewhat forcibly, urged to pursue singing (thanks mum), has slotted into the singer/songwriter role.
Adam has composed music for theatre companies such as Auckland Theatre Company and Company of Giants, also touring around the world with Indian Ink Theatre Company.
Passionate vocals paired with intricate guitar work help Adam perform songs varying in genre from classic folk, old-time Americana, southern gothic, and bluegrass.

Because we’re featuring a group this week the format is a little bit different, but not that much. Something like this; 

8pm – Adam Ogle
8:35 – 3 Guest Poets 
8:50 – Open Mic
9:15 – 4 Guest Poets 
9:45 – Final Open Mic

All welcome on open mic. 5-minute max.

MC Simone

25th September 2018 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Harley Neville

Harley was almost as surprised as his friends when he started writing poetry, but it’s hard to deny the cathartic effect it has had for him, just as it is hard to deny his obvious presence on stage. A performance poet, podcaster and filmmaker, Harley Neville is passionate about sharing his stories and advocating for important causes through poetry. He is a Going West Slam Poetry Finalist, a Jafa Poetry Slam Finalist and he is TEDx alumni.
Harley uses his poetry to speak on topics such as the future, anthropology, climate change and religion, his goal is to create a conversation around the important issues that our civilisation faces, while making you laugh.

Guest Musician: Immi Paterson

Immi Paterson is a writer, musician, and vegan vlogger.
Her poetry appears in publications such as Landfall, JAAM, Takahe and Poetry New Zealand, with her stories found in horror and sci-fi anthologies both within NZ and abroad.
She considers herself a bit of a musician, and has been caught attempting to play a variety of instruments. Guitar is her first love; they’ve been together since 1997. She released three albums with band George and Queen, and is planning a fourth album with her new band Hey Zeus!
When she’s not making up words or tinkering on her guitar, she can be found on Facebook as Immi the Vegan. As well as filming vlogs up and down the country under this name, she has recently created a comedy web-series, which is in its post-production stage.
Tonight she’ll play a few of her songs.
Time: 8pm
Entry: Koha
We have a culture of mutual respect at Poetry Live. 
Rough Program
8pm: Immi Paterson
8.30ish: Short Break
8:45ish: Open Mic (6 only)
9:15ish: Short Break
9:30ish: Harley Neville
10ish: Short Break
10:15ish: Open Mic
Times may vary. Come at any time.
If you are signing up for open mic the book goes up about 7:30pm. 

18th September 2018 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Leanne Rattray

And our featured poet this week is a familiar face and long time member of the Poetry Live Whanau, Leanne Rattray! Leanne is an accountant from Gisborne who has been writing poetry since childhood and started performing her pieces in 1997.She published her book “Who the Fork is Alice?” in 2012 and has been doing collaborations with other poets and musicians for the past 8 years. She is a self confessed “poetry whore” who loves nothing more than sharing her words on stage.

Guest Musician: Emma Cooper-Williams

Our guest musician this week is Emma Cooper-Williams, Emma is a singer songwriter who has been writing and performing her own music for the past nine years. Her biggest achievement has been winning the Play It Strange Peace Competition in 2014, which gave her the opportunity to spend 6 weeks playing music in Japan. In February she released her debut EP titled ‘A Reminder’, and has played at numerous events, including the Arts Access Awards held at the New Zealand Parliament in August 2018.

MC: Sophie
Koha Entry, all welcome on the open mic. 

11th September 2018 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Frank

“Some people call me Frank, I am a poet. I was born here but I am not from here. These are the good days.” – Frank

Guest Musician: Bobandii

“Bobandii is the Warkworth born artist who resides within the local hiphop scene, focusing on pushing multidisciplinary forms of media.
After releasing two full length projects, Of the Forest (2017) and Luminescence (2018) Bobandii is focusing on personal growth within his many different forms of expression.”

MC: Kate
Koha Entry, all welcome on the open mic. 

4th September 2018 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Karlo Mila

Karlo Mila has published two collections of poetry, the first of which won the ‘Best first book award’ in the NZ literature awards in 2005. She is widely anthologised and regularly performs poetry and runs writing workshops. Her day job is in indigenous leadership and activating ancestral knowledge into contemporary lives, via Mana Moana, which is based on her postdoctoral research. Karlo lives in Owairaka with her three boys.

Guest Musician: Him

Him AKA Jazmine Rose Phillips is a musician and performance artist. She seeks to embrace the grit and beauty of the human experience. Her creations use pleasure, pain, sound, spoken word, film, ritual and the female body/experience to evoke her audience to embody their emotional selves. her latest release “Kissing girls in the temple.” can be found here himsounds.bandcamp.com

MC: Simone
Koha Entry, all welcome on the open mic. 

28th August 2018 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Fern

Fern is a poet, singer, and songwriter with a few more tricks up her sleeve. She first read at Poetry Live a year ago, after she found out, by sheer chance, that a cult had been trying to recruit her 4 years previously. She wrote a poem, then a few more. Fern likes to tell a story and her eclectic history and hobbies make for some subject matter that occasionally rhymes. Sometimes. She’s bringing some you’ve heard before, and a few new yarns.

Guest Musician: Nick Brightwell

Nick Brightwell is a virtuoso finger-style guitarist. A 2 time winner at the New Zealand Gold Guitar awards, Nick’s performance is easy to listen to and a joy to experience. While he studied his art intensively in America at The University of Wisconsin, his repertoire is made up of music from around the world; Celtic, Blues and Country styles are all represented. Nick’s performance is a exploration of the limits of what the guitar can do, as well as a presentation of well-loved music.

MC: James
8pm Start – Muso, Short Open Mic, Poet, More Open Mic.
Come all ye Poets.
5 minute limit on Open Mic Thanks! 🙂