23rd August 2016 @ Poetry Live

Poetry Live Celebrates National Poetry Day


Tuesday 23rd August 2016

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poets: Vivienne Plumb

vivienne-plumb-Vivienne Plumb is a poet, playwright and fiction writer of Australian and New Zealand heritage. Her writing is known to highlight the fantastic and miraculous in everyday experience. She has won numerous awards for her writing, and has been the recipient of key fellowships and residencies. Vivienne has held several residencies, including one in 2004 at the University of Iowa, in 2006 the Massey University writers’ residency, and she is presently on the Michael King Residency in Devonport.  She has a BA and an MA from Victoria University in Wellington, and holds a Doctorate in Creative Arts at the University of Wollongong, Australia.

Her most recent publications include Twenty New Zealand Playwrights (non-fiction, N.Z., 2013), and The Glove Box (fiction, Sydney, 2014). A new compendium of her past-published most popular writing, accompanied by images from the Auckland artist Glenn Otto, is to be published during 2016.

Her poetry collections include SalamancaNefarious (poems and parables)CrumpleScarab (a chapbook), and The Cheese and Onion Sandwich and Other New Zealand Icons (prose poems).

Her work has been published in N.Z. and overseas and has been translated into Polish, Mandarin, Slovenian, German and Malaysian.

Peter Bland

Peter_BlandPeter Bland is a poet and actor, whose writing commits to an everyday sub-urban sense of reality, often exploiting the framework of the dramatic monologue. He has a distinguished place in New Zealand theatre history as co-founder of Downstage and its artistic director 1964–68. He has worked as a stage and television actor and several of his own plays have been produced. Bland has published a large selection of poetry volumes in New Zealand and the UK and his memoir was released in 2004.

Collected Poems 1956-2011 was published in 2011 and Peter will be reading from his new book which is to be published this year.

For more about Peter’s career in print and film:


Emma Walter

EmmaEmma Walter:

I am a creative soul currently residing in Onewhero with a passion for truth, beauty, social justice and freedom in authentic expression, who conveys this through conversation, relationship, music, poetry and other creative arts.

It is my hope to see people reconnected to the pure soulful pulse that is the birthplace and birthright of our true selves and to encourage that into being, and not be afraid to take a stand against that which diminishes the availability of this to be fully realised within ourselves as individuals, and as a greater community.

Open Mic:

You are invited to pay homage to a favourite poet or poem or read/perform your own poetry as usual.

Prizes and giveaways for best performance and best dressed (as the poet you are are paying homage to)

Prizes and giveaways

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MCs Kiri, Rachael and Matt

16th August 2016 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Makyla Curtis

Makyla CurtisMakyla Curtis is Scots Pākehā. She is studying a Master of Arts in English at the University of Auckland, alongside a Certificate of Languages in te reo Māori. She is a letterpress printer, poet and printmaker with an interest in languages and dialects, DIY publications (zines), and typography. http://makyla.wordpress.com



                       Guest Musician: Freaky MeatFreaky Meat (1)

Combine elements of Jazz, Funk, Rock and Metal with beat-speak vocal styles inspired by Jack Kerouac, Tom Waits, Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart and you get Auckland-based Beatspeak Innovators: Freaky Meat. Their performance will captivate you with mesmerising narratives of the life, travels and the strange experiences of front man, beat poet Shane Hollands, drawing from his adventures both real and visionary. www.freakymeat.co.nz

Open mic

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MCs: The Poetry Live MC Team

9th August 2016 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

main picGuest Poet: Janet Charman

Janet Charman is an Auckland poet whose last collection was ’at the white coast’ a memoir of her time in London during the Thatcher era.

She will be reading from ‘Surrender’ a manuscript in progress.

Guest Musician: Lukas Wharekura

lukas-wharekuraLukas: I have been a performer since I left high school and I specialise in song writing. A lot of the music I write is written for a five piece but everything starts with me and a guitar. I love experimenting with my music in its starkest form and if any of you have heard my band before you may recognise a few songs. I’ll be playing a night of original, predominantly unreleased music some of which has never been played to a live audience. So come along if you’d like a healthy dose of original music and poetry.

Koha Entry

Open Mic: all welcome to read/perform

MC: Rachael

2nd August 2016 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Kani Te Manukura

Kani Te Manukura

kani te manukura: ngāi tūhoe; hunter, gatherer, grower, cook; storyteller. kani lives a life of quiet rebellion in a small seaside town, which is both better and worse than it sounds.  when kani is trying to impress people at parties he tells them he a had a work selected for IIML’s best new zealand poems 2015. unsurprisingly, this has worked exactly twice. which is 200% more than the number of people impressed that he’s had work published in JAAM, Ora Nui, Blackmail Press and the middle stall of the men’s toilets on floor 4 of the human sciences building, university of auckland.


Guest Musician: Callum Gentleman

Callum SeriousCallum will be doing something different for the musician’s spot tonight – he’ll be wowing us with a fully vocal set! No mic! No guitar! Instead you’ll get hollas, hand slaps & a capella interpretations. There will be stories of good people doing bad things, and bad people who try to be good… and fail. Stories told in a child’s whisper, a father’s tears, and a drunken man’s roar. Callum has played with a whole range of outstanding artists including Delaney Davison, Tami Nielson, Bond St Bridge, Marlon Williams and the mighty Eastern. Callum recently released his debut EP. Check it out here: http://callumgentleman.bandcamp.com/

PLEASE NOTE: For August 2nd Poetry Live the usual order will be changed. Kani, our Guest Poet, will be on at 8pm; and Callum, our guest musician, will take the 9.30pm slot. Open mic will be as usual. Thanks for your understanding. 

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Open Mic

MC: Kiri

26th July 2016 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Dominic Hoey (aka Tourettes)

tumblr_inline_o90kqbU7Hs1s8fnbs_1280Dominic Hoey (aka Tourettes) is a poet, author, and musician based in Auckland, New Zealand.
Under the Tourettes moniker, Dominic has released four critically acclaimed studio albums, two books of poetry and performed around the globe. In a former life, he was an MC battle- and slam-poetry champion. His writing has been published in everything from Vice (international) to New Zealand’s leading literary journal, Landfall. He has has performed his spoken-word poetry in Australia, Europe, England, Japan, and America. He’s shared stages with the likes of Homebrew and Sam Hunt.
In 2012, Dominic was accepted into the N.E.S artists residency in Iceland, where he completed his first novel, Iceland, which is due for release later this year through Steele Roberts.

2014 saw Dominic release his second book of poems, Party Tricks and Boring Secrets, a collaboration with artist Joshua Solomon, and embark on a successful 12 date New Zealand tour to promote it with Australian singer/song writer Ben Salter. He performed two sellout shows with Sam Hunt at Auckland’s Golden Dawn and opened for him at that year’s Splore Festival. He was nominated for best script at the 48 hour film festival and his film “Selfies and Poetries” reached the finals. He recently wrote and co-directed a short film as part of the K Road stories festival.

This year Dominic completed a successful 21 date tour of New Zealand with local musician Will Wood and released two singles, “No Losers @ Winz” and “The New New Zealand”, from his upcoming album.

Guest Musician: SAAN BARRETT!

Saan Barrett is a multi instrumentalist and writer of heartbreaking ballads. When he’s not playing bass for the Vietnam war, he’s singing songs of love and loss in his sweet
MC Ken Arkind (Once peed on David Cross’ toilet seat.)

DJ Pegleg ( As seen on the WB’s Gimore Girls)

Koha Entry

Open Mic, list out at 7:30 (5 minutes max or Kiri will beat the $#it out of you.)

19th July 2016 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poets: Peter Larsen

Peter LarsenPeter Larsen is a poet, playwright and raconteur who has performed his work around the country for the last 25 years. Profound and entertaining, his retrospective show samples the last fifteen years of his repertoire.


Guest Musician: Steven Hood

Steven HoodLauded by the media as “One of the brightest new things on the New Zealand music scene” (New Zealand Herald) New Zealand singer songwriter Stevie Starr’s (now performing as Steven Hood) debut album “We Hope In All Things New” continues to received acclaim by critics and audiences alike. Press described the album as “Like Sigur Rós if they hung out with Radiohead in a Horowhenua forest.” (TheSunday Star Times) and Rip It Up noted Starr as an “Act to Look Out For”. Steven takes inspiration from his expeditions, hitch-hiking around NZ and Europe, playing gigs at the Starclub in Hamburg, meeting Maori tribal elders at Waitangi, dossing with crab farmers, and drinking with locals on the road, hoping one might offer him a refreshing beverage in exchange for a tale. Currently Steven has been working on his follow-up LP, due for release next year. “We Hope In All Things New” is distributed by Border Music and DRM.

Open mic: all welcome to read/perform

Koha entry

MC: Matt

12th July 2016 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd


Guest Poets: Bryony Jagger


Bryony was brought up in England and studied moral sciences and music at Cambridge University. She came to New Zealand in 1975 and has lived in Auckland ever since. She has written orchestral music, theatre music, choral music, songs and novels as well as poetry. She has had poems published in poetry magazines in UK, USA, Australia and NZ and on line. Her Right Angle poem was the title poem of the University of the South Pacific’s anthology of maths poems. This year two of her poems received awards in the PoetryBox competition for Halloween poems in the UK.

She will be reading from her 32nd collection of poetry, Howling at the Moon! As well as new poem.

As Ken said when he booked Bryony for her feature:

Remember that time you stumbled across a random poetry night on K’ Rd and you stopped in to have a drink and you watched till the end and the poetry was cool but there was that one lady who read the hilarious yet profound thing that you couldn’t stop talking about and you brought it up to your mates at the office the next day and they were like “yeah! I know the lady you’re talking about she is incredible!!!” and then you look her up and she’s pretty famous and has done some really cool things. That’s Bryony Jagger.

Guest Musician: George Henderson

GeorgeGeorge Henderon has led Dunedin band The Puddle since the early 80s, writing over a hundred songs, for the most part melodic and lyrically involved. He can also be found playing with The New Existentialists in Auckland. The Puddle’s albums can be found on Bandcamp, and the New Existentialists have just finished recording their first album.

Open mic: all welcome to read/perform

Koha entry

MC: Rachael

5th July 2016 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poets: Madison O’Dwyer

MaddyMadison O’Dwyer is twenty years old and has lived in all four corners of Auckland. She  works in dentistry by day, but moonlights as a poet and visual artist. Her poetry has been published in journals such as Blackmail Press and JAAM, and two of her poems were published in the We, Society anthology by Printable Reality. She is one of seven artists creating a Matariki Exhibition at Studio One, which will be open for the month of July.

Guest Musician: Hush Money

Hush Money_1Hush Money is Eli Mulvay and Kim Martel, performing Eli’s original compositions. Guitar and vocals and dreams of a future with cellos and horns. A solo acoustic set that may in fact involve two people, and an electric guitar…

Open mic

Koha entry

MC: Kiri


MichelleMichelle Bolton 2Hear ye Hear ye! We invite every lover, fighter, freak, swagger, friend and dream champion in the land to celebrate the life of Mother, Wife, Daughter, Ally, Champion of the You Are Welcome Here, Queen of Smirk, Lady of the Road Rage, Empress of the Smoker’s Table, Goddess of the Switchblade Eyebrow and Full Belly Laugh that is Michelle Bolton.

Bring a poem of hers that you would like to cover, or a poem of your own, a memory that she gifted you with or a story that you’d like to gift the rest of us with. Mostly, bring your heart and join us as we honour her life and legacy.


MC’s: The Poetry Live Crew

MUSO: Caitlin Smith

MC Team Announcement

IMG_0069Last week we lost one of our own. Michelle Bolton you were forthright and brave, an amazing MC and an integral part of our team. Who could forget your famous admonishment for the koha collection, your warning if readers went over 5 mins at the open mic,  or your incredible infectious laugh. Not to mention the way you could glare daggers at someone at 100 paces or take on any problem with your typical fierceness and bubbling energy. You also had a passion for mental health awareness, initiating and running our annual Poetry Live mental health night, and you helped so many of us when we needed you. The No. 4 spot is yours forever.  –Kiri, Rachael, Ken and Matt, the Poetry Live MC Team.


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