Virtual Vibes with Mary McCallum

Join me, MC Sophie, live on FB for some sweet sweet poetry! It’s just like the real world version, only you can wear your pjs and slippers to this one!

We have a very special guest this week! Poet, novelist and publisher Mary McCallum will read from her collection XYZ of Happiness along with some new work!

Can’t wait to “see” you all!

Poetry Live Presents Jacky Murda & Heidi North

Poetry Live on the 5th of May is streaming straight into your bedrooms!

Join MC Jamie Trower at 8:00PM on the Poetry Live Facebook or Instagram (@poetrylivenz) page as he live streams into your living bunkers!

Slip into your dance shoes at 8:00PM and get ready to funk the night away with Canada’s DJ heart-throb, Jacky Murda!

Bedroom producer, musician maestro, and long-time resident in two main clubbing hotspots in Whistler, Canada – Maxx Fisher and Tommy Africa – Jacky Murda is a powerhouse performer!

He’s played music alongside some of the best in the industry, like Australian disco queen and producer, Nina Las Vegas; chart-dominating deep-houser, Golden Features; award-winning DJ What So Not and alty-boogie group, Crooked Colours, amongst many others!

He’s back in New Zealand for the time being, but is planning to return overseas to light up more international stages with his spicy EDM and House tracks. You can check his bangers out on Soundcloud!

He’s currently living at his mum’s house with a snowboard bag and a blind poodle. Jacky’s mum is also the MC’s mum.

Just like the past couple of weeks, the open mic is open 24/7 on the Poetry Live Facebook page, so post your work! The MC might read or watch yours whilst on live steam!

Our guest poet for the 5th of May is the wonderful Heidi North! Heidi North’s poetry and short stories have been published in New Zealand, Australia, the US and the UK. She won an international Irish award for her poetry in 2007, and has won New Zealand awards for her poetry and short fiction.

Heidi’s second poetry collection, ‘We are tiny beneath the light’ was published at the end of 2019. Paula Morris says of the collection, “’We are tiny beneath the light’ is a remarkable collection that is both intimate and transporting.”

Just prior to the launch, one of the book’s poems, ‘Piha Beach, Two Years On’, was picked up by one of the world’s biggest bands,U2, to use at the New Zealand leg of their Joshua Tree tour!!!

Heidi’s first poetry book ‘Possibility of Flight’ was published by Makaro Press in 2015. She joined the Shanghai International Writers Programme along with ten other writers worldwide as the NZ fellow in 2016; and she is working on a novel set in Shanghai. Heidi has a Masters in Creative Writing from The University of Auckland.

Just a cheeky reminder too of the Poetry Live Anthology! Send your best three poems of any length to In the subject line, please put “Poetry Live 40th Anniversary” with your name. Must be a total of 5 printable A4 pages. 12pt font!

Naming and numbering each page too please! $5 with your submission please to help with the costs of getting the wonderful book out there. All payment must be made electronically into 12-3026-0531540-50. Please could you put your surname as a reference so we can match up the submissions!


Poetry Live Online Presents Daniel Vernon and Elizabeth Morton

Ladies and gentlemen! Staaaaart your engines!!!


It’s Poetry Live tomorrow night and oh gee whizz, don’t I have a treat for you all! The awesome Daniel Vernon as our Guest Musician and the wonderful Liz Morton as the Guest Poet! *dab*


Last week I had so much fun talking to you all on Live Stream! So tomorrow, I’m going to do exactly the same! There may be a drop-out or two, but that’s what makes it exciting! It’ll be boring if it went perfect every time!


I realized that last week I swore a bit too much. Therefore, tomorrow night, I am going to have a swear jar! $10 a swear will go to Red Cross who are doing a fantastic job during the lock down with elderly and disabled folks!!!


Daniel Vernon is going to be up first at 8:00PM with some tunes that’ll make you feel a few things! A graduate of University of Auckland, Daniel studied Drama and Media Studies where he contributed weekly comics, did cover art and design for Craccum and Debate Magazines. He also wrote and directed two plays and started the band Scared of Girls.


He works as a freelancer, digital content creator as well as writing plays, editing videos and creating music in the band, Dartz!


Just like last week, the open mic is open 24/7 on the Poetry Live Facebook page, so post your work! I might read or watch yours whilst on live steam tomorrow night!


Next up, we’ll have our Guest Poet, Liz Morton! Elizabeth Morton is a storyteller and poet. Her first poetry collection, Wolf, was published by Mākaro Press, and this year Otago University Press published her second, This is your real name.


She has an MLitt Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow, and is completing an MSc in Applied Neuroscience with King’s College London. In her free time she likes to lip sync to Joy Division in a blacked-out living room.


Just a cheeky reminder that the submissions for the Poetry Live 40th Year Anniversary is open now! Send your best three poems (at a total of 5 A4 pages) to


We are accepting published and unpublished poems too. We like the idea of seeing where your words have flown to from Poetry Live’s stage. If they are previously published, please make sure to follow the fine-print from that specific publication and reference accordingly.


Hope to see you here on the Poetry Live Facebook page at 8:00pm!

The POETRY LIVE 40TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY ANTHOLOGY is open right now for submissions!

The POETRY LIVE 40TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY ANTHOLOGY is open right now for submissions!

WHAT: Poetry Live 40th Year Anniversary Anthology

Open to all that have had connection with Poetry Live over the years be it MC’s, guest poets, regulars, fans etc.

$5 with your submission please to help with the costs of getting the wonderful book out there. All payment must be made electronically into 12-3026-0531540-50. Please could you put your surname as a reference so we can match up the submissions!


Send your best three poems of any length to In the subject line, please put “Poetrey Live 40th Anniversary” with your name. Must be a total of 5 printable A4 pages. 12pt font! Naming and numbering each page too please! 🌺

Poetry Live Online Presents Scott Mcdonald-Bull and Sophie Procter

Gird yourself for some serious online Poetry Live fun on Tuesday, the 31st of March!

With Coronavirus reeking havoc around our world and uncertainty filling our everyday lives, us Poetry Live MC’s want to warm up the cockles of your hearts a bit by allowing the magic of Poetry Live to continue!

On our Poetry Live Facebook page, following in usual PL tradition, at 8:00pm on the 31st, we’ll start the night off with our Guest Musician! Next week, it’s Scott Mcdonald-Bull who will be occupying our screens with a half-hour set! Creator of The Nighthawk Experience – an “animated musical journey delving deep into different worlds” – Scott’s sound captures the uniqueness of storytelling and instrumental mastery!

PL MC, journalist, poet – you know her well – and wordsmith-wonder Sophie Procter will be gracing our online stage too! Get excited! She’s great! We all know this already!

Just like last week, open mic will remain open 24/7 for anyone to post up any new material! We wanna keep the expression of poetry open and alive during this testing time!

Big announcements on Tuesday too in regards to what us MC’s are cooking up for the 40th Year Anniversary of Poetry Live! Stay tuned! Eeeeeeep!!!

Poetry In The Time of Covid-19

Poetry is important in times of major events affecting the nation and the world. Our MC team has considered and debated long and hard as to whether we should press on. We have been awaiting and examining updates from the government and guidelines regarding this.
There is a lot of fear surrounding Covid 19. Some of it is rational, some of it perhaps not.
It is important to us to keep our members safe during these times. It is important also that people are able to make their own choices.
Expression is also important.
As is individual responsibility.
That is a decision we all have to make.
As MCs, as guests, as poets, individually and sometimes collectively.
At present we are going to continue at least with next week’s event.
Guidelines state that all events of 500 people or more are to be cancelled.
Importantly there may be upcoming announcements even this week about smaller events. So be aware that this could change at any time. Our MCs or guests or venue may also decide not to forge ahead at any time due to many possible reasons and it is their respected right to do so.
Everyone needs to be aware of the guidelines and risks surrounding the current outbreak, and make their own decision whether or not to come.
We cannot ensure your safety against Covid19.
We will do everything we can to make people aware of the health protocols. That doesn’t mean we can always enforce them.
We will do everything we can to make sure things are low risk which means making people aware.
This means asking our members not to come if they are sick.
It means emphasizing social distancing with regards to human contact, such as hugs, hongis, handshakes and being aware of people’s personal choice as always regarding this matter.
The guideline with regard to being for more than 15 minutes in spitting distance from someone is important here. So unfortunately that does mean keeping apart which might also seem difficult in a small venue, so people need to be aware of that.
It means being aware of the risk to all people in your care and proximity, friends, family, colleagues, strangers and especially to the elderly and immune compromised should you become infected.
It means balancing out that risk and making your own decision on whether to come.
It also means washing your hands thoroughly, with hand sanitiser, particularly after touching tables, glasses etc as the virus says for up to 12 hours on surfaces and even fabric. And not touching your face with your hands where possible, as well as sneezing or coughing into your hands if you have to ,which we hope you don’t if you have followed the guidelines. You could bring a mask and/or gloves if you want to, or a costume inccorporating that theme.
Remember if you go to the toilet door handles, taps and other surfaces may also be a risk factor.
While at this point the percevied risk of catching it may be still low, there are new cases happening everyday, recent ones that may have potential impact regarding schools and wider implications in terms of how long the period before symptoms show and just how many people might have been interacted with.
Therefore it is important for you to take your decision to come seriously, as well as consider that in spite of all best measures there is a possibility of catching it from someone else there, or someone else who has been in the area.
We’ll be posting a link regarding the latest government info.
Right now that we have covered all possible bases, please remember above all that love, positive vibes and community are some of the best forms of immunity. Eat healthy, drink healthy and sleep well.
Also on a lighter note, this could also be a wonderful night for some topical poems.
So please bring your Covid19 poems but not your Covid19.
Be sensible!
The MC Team

Poetry Live Presents Ron Riddell and Luke Hurley

Please be aware of a different format for the 24th!

8 PM Open Mic
8.40 PM Ron RIddell
9.20 PM Luke Hurley
10 PM More Open Mic

Guest Poet -Ron Riddell
A painter, musician and the author of several plays and novels, he has published a little mountain of poetry books, and the mountain is still growing under his bed! Recent books are: Dance of Blue Dragonflies (poetry) and Pachamama & the Jaguar Man (novel). Previous work has been translated into ten languages. His long poem The Wanderer is being launched in New Zealand in 2020 by HeadworX Publishers of Wellington. Saray Torres is his wife. He has two sons Roland and Pablo, and three granddaughters Tuvia, Felicia and Ella, who all live in Sweden. Fonsie, his cat comes from Wanganui.

Ron Riddell worked for many years as a teacher, editor and bookseller and has performed his work in many festivals and cultural venues around the world, including The Edinburgh Festival, Harbourfront (Canada), El Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellín (Colombia), El Festival Internacional de Poesía de Cartagena (Colombia), The Austin International Poetry Festival (U.S.A.), El Encuentro Internacional de Poetas (El Salvador), International Poetry Festival in Costa Rica, Festival de Poesia de Bogota and Chilepoesia in Santiago, Chile. He has been involved in a number of peace and cultural initiatives in Colombia, Chile, El Salvador, U.S.A. and New Zealand and has been the founder and organiser of many writers’ workshops and cultural gatherings in New Zealand, Great Britain and Colombia. In Auckland in the 1970’s Riddell founded The Titirangi Poets and later in the 1990’s established a haven for poets with the Live Poets’ Café which adjoined the Dead Poets Bookshop in Karangahape Road. In Wellington he founded The Wellington International Poetry festival. He has published twenty-one collections of verse. In 2004 he was finalist in The Wellingtonian of the Year Awards. His verse collection, Leaves of Light was awarded The House of Poetry International Poetry Award for 2005. Dance of Blue Dragonflies (2016) and his most recent novel, Pachamama and the Jaguar Man (2018) received an award from The Ministry of Culture in Bogota. At present, he divides his time between New Zealand and Colombia. His work has been translated into German, French, Swedish, Japanese, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Uzbek and Spanish. He’ll be reading from his new book The Wanderer.

Guest Musician – Luke Hurley
Luke is a guitarist and singer / songwriter. Born in Kenya, grew up in Zanzibar till age 12 then moved with family to NZ. He achieved a degree of early success on student radio with the song “Mona Lisa” in the early 1980s at University of Otago in Dunedin.. 2 songs were featured on the film ‘Insatiable Moon’.
He has been writing songs and singing them for more than 30 years. Other well known songs include Make Room, Kings Cross, Limited Liability, Fait Accompli or others.
You may have met him during his travels in Australia, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, France or any one of dozens of towns in New Zealand.

Poetry Live Presents Jeremy Redmore and Elizabeth Kirkby-McLeod

Tighten your bootstraps, ladies and gents, Poetry Live MC, Jamie Trower is back in the saddle and ready to rodeo you the greatest of times this side of the summer solstice!

It’s Poetry Live’s 40th Year, so on the 3rd of March starting at 8:00PM, we have two fantastic guests to wow you all!

First up, we have Jeremy Redmore. Entertainer and artist, Jeremy Redmore is a brilliant musician who started making tracks in the music industry as the lead-singer of Midnight Youth. After releasing the platinum-selling album, The Brave Don’t Run, it peaked at number two on the NZ album charts, won three New Zealand Music Awards and the tune ‘All On Our Own’ scored a Silver Scroll for the most played song in 2009! You wouldn’t think that you could get any better in a music career. So when Jeremy left the band in 2012, he strived to better not just his music but himself along the way and succeeded absolutely.

He casually opened for Ed Sheeran in April 2014 and, that July, released his first solo album, Clouds Are Alive which reached number six in the charts. His second album, The Brightest Flame consists of 11 songs that are divided into five chapters and release dates. The story in the music illustrates shock, isolation and hope. The album will all come together in its final installment on March the 20th.

Also, last November, it was announced that Jeremy and the rest of Midnight Youth are going to reunite for a one-off reunion show at the Tuning Fork and they’re opening for My Chemical Romance! You really don’t want to miss seeing Jeremy at Thirsty Dog on the 3rd!

After Jeremy amazes us, we’ll have our usual 30(ish) minutes of open-mic and then our guest poet!

Elizabeth (Libby) Kirkby-McLeod is an Auckland author whose poetry and writing have appeared in a range of New Zealand publications, including takahe, Landfall, Poetry New Zealand Yearbook, Newsroom, and the NZPS 2018 anthology, The Unnecessary Invention of Punctuation.

She was long-listed for the 2008 Six Pack 3 authors anthology and her poem ‘Her Warning Signs’ was Highly Commended in the 2018 International Poetry Competition. Her first poetry collection Family Instructions Upon Release was published in November 2019 with The Cuba Press.

Its first print-run quickly sold out and the collection has been praised by reviewers in The New Zealand Herald and Radio New Zealand National. She has a children’s book forthcoming with Gilt Edge Publishing. Elizabeth also reviews poetry, is an active member of the NZSA Auckland branch and produces the NZSA Oral History Podcast series.

Elizabeth has a First Class Master of Creative Writing from AUT, where she was a recipient of the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Study.

Then the second half of open mic! What a thrilling time we shall all have!

Koha donation too would be greatly appreciated for our guest musician and poet 🙂  

Poetry Live! Presents: Judith McNeil and Glevie

This is Poetry Live’s 40th Anniversary Year
As part of this year we are featuring as guest poets some of Poetry Live’s past MCs.

Guest Poet: Judith McNeil

Judith McNeil started writing poetry 40 years ago and hasn’t stopped since. With others she set up four-by-two publishing in 1995 to publish Tongue In Your Ear, an anthology of poets who read live. Ten years later, after volume 9, Judith decided it was time to publish some of her own work, including After 1984, All My Shirts and Going East: a journey with my mother. She had believed that reading her poems aloud was publishing enough but it was also gratifying to see her work in books. She will read from these books and some of her more recent poems inspired by her life in the country.

Guest Musos: Glevie


Glen and Yvie have always had a love affair with music. Yvie has been singing since before she could talk and Glen has been playing music for most of his life. After meeting seven years ago, they found common ground with their favourite music and have been playing together ever since.

MC: James Crompton

Rough Schedule

8pm: Glevie
8.30 Break
8.40pm Open Mic Part 1
9.10 Break
9.20 Judith McNeil
9.50 Break
10.00 Open Mic Part 2

Please bring koha to support our artists.
Open Mic is a 5 minute limit.