12th December 2017 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Poetry Live! Our last night of the year!

Join us for open mic all night long and celebrate the up and coming summer holidays!

We will start the night with:

Catherine Hamilton and Emma Walter

They’ll  soothe your souls and breathe in some life to those bones with some originals and a few covers in homage to our favourite artists.
A joke that sums us up is
Q. What do you get when you cross one volcano with another volcano?
A. I don’t know but the fault lies with you.

Open Mic: all welcome to read/perform

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MCs: all of us



5th December 2017 @ Poetrylive

Poetry Live! Presents

                                 Miriam Barr
                                                  & Freaky Meat

Miriam Barr is a poet who performs her work and has a long history of
collaboration with musicians, visual artists, and other poets. Her
poems have been published in places like Landfall, Takahe, Brief, JAAM
and Sweet Mammalian. Her collection Bullet Hole Riddle was published
by Steele Roberts in 2014 and has been described by reviewers as
“brave” and “perfectly formed”. Her work has featured in academic
texts, art galleries, and on stages in NZ and abroad. She has been a
Poetry Live MC, editor of a free poetry zine called Side Stream, a
Poetry Idol slam champion, winner of People’s Choice at the Bowery
Poetry Club in New York, creative director of theatre-poetry group The
Literatti, facilitator of many workshops, guerrilla poetry instigator,
and the co-ordinator of New Zealand’s National Poetry Day. Recently
Miriam took part in the group show, visualis, at the NZ Poetry
Conference and Festival.

Freaky Meat combine elements of Jazz, Funk, Rock and Metal with
beat-speak vocal styles inspired by Jack Kerouac, Tom Waits, Frank
Zappa and Captain Beefheart and you get Auckland-based Beatspeak
Innovators: Freaky Meat. Their performance will captivate you with
mesmerising narratives of the life, travels and the strange
experiences of front man, beat poet Shane Hollands, drawing from his
adventures both real and visionary. www.freakymeat.co.nz

Open Mic: all welcome to read/perform

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MCs Rachael & Simone

NB Next week is our last Poetry Live! of the year with guest musician,
Emma Kahu Orion Walter and Open Mic all night long….

21st November 2017 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Ila Selwyn

Ila Selwyn was an MC at Poetry Live for four years, then moved to Rhythm & Verse at Lopdell House for the next five. In 2014 she wrote a play incorporating poetry for her Masters of Creative Writing at Auckland University. At present she is enjoying doing a year’s theatre writing course under Gary Henderson so has not written much new in the way of poetry.

Guest Musician: Judith McNeil

As a 13 year old Judith learned to play Peter, Paul and Mary songs on the piano but it wasn’t until she was 29 that she experienced her first Folk Festival. This led her into a journey with song and guitar which continued with the release of her self-penned album, ‘Accepting Apples’. Since the 90s she has performed at many open mic sessions around Auckland, once in Rhode Island, and folk clubs and festivals all over the country. She spent many years covering other, mainly women, artists before she felt brave enough to present her own songs. She is regularly jamming out new songs at Clydes Cave, north of Warkworth in preparation for her next album.


Open Mic: all welcome to read/perform

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MC Sophie

14th November 2017 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Sophie Procter

Sophie: “I’m a storyteller, poet, and I make kick-ass coffees. The coffees pay the rent, plus I get to interact with so many crazy and interesting people. I’m always listening and always learning and very often practicing the virtue of patience….Writing and creating is what pays my soul, and with that I get to express and leave a little something in this world that hopefully ignites a spark in others.”

Sophie had her visual poetry exhibited just this weekend in group show, vīsuālis at the NZ Poetry Conference and Festival, and her poetry collection is in its last proofing stage which will be launched in the new year.


Guest Musician: Jessy Wadeson

With 20 years of various singing and songwriting experience ranging from musical theatre to old school blues and solo travelling musical journeys, Jessy has recently moved to Auckland and started a band with a bunch of rad young lads. There is some sexy soul going on and things are gonna get bigger. This night, Jessy will be performing solo once more.


Open Mic: all welcome to read/perform

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MC Rachael

7th November 2017 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Serie Barford

Serie Barford was born near a Rongo stone in Cornwall Park to a migrant German-Samoan mother and a Palagi father and grew up in West Auckland. She is published in print and digital journals and anthologies and in four poetry collections. Entangled Islands (Anahera Press), her latest collection, combines poetry and prose. 

In 2017 Serie’s been published in Black Marks on the White Page, Manifesto: an anthology of political Poetry, Atlanta Review, Forty Years of Titirangi Poets, the School Journal, the Phantom Billstickers Project, Best NZ Poems (2015) translated into a bilingual Italian-English edition by Francesca Benocci and Palabras Prestadas #109 – poems translated into Spanish by Charles Olson.


Guest Musician: Damian Anderson

Damian Anderson is from Putaruru and have been playing in band, Jam Dr, for 10yrs. His passion for original music has always been the driving inspiration. He has a diploma in music and is a registered member of APRA (Australian performing rights association 

He will be performing original work at Poetry Live as a solo artist – Dae, a gentle but stirring mix of RnB, reggae and rock.  

Open Mic: all welcome to read/perform

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MC Simone

31st October 2017 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

                             Maddy O’Dwyer

                        w- Callum Gentleman


hit the garden like a technicolour shell

Weed hackers squatted and snarled at ankles where suburb edge bled into ghetto.

I groped at the streets till

I knew them, terrified

I’d fall out.”

Join us for a classic Poetry Live! Book launch featuring music from Callum Gentleman

Baby Teeth is the debut poetry collection by Madison O’Dwyer. It tells the story of a poet and a city slowly falling in love — and then being thrown abruptly out of it. From the drunken griefs and uncertain romances of youth to the curves of the sky and the edges of the waterfront, Baby Teeth is what is left when an adolescence is shed in our city of sails: a book of wolfishly devoured moments, the first real bites of life.

Open Mic: all welcome to read/perform

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MC Matt

10th October 2017 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Michael Steven

Michael Steven was born in 1977. His poems, essays and short fiction have appeared in places such as Brief, IKA, Landfall, Phantom Billstickers Cafe Reader, and Poetry NZ Yearbook. A chapbook The Story of My Past Lives is forthcoming from Maungatua Press later this year, and Otago University Press will publish a collection Walking to Jutland Street.

He is in the final year of a BCA at Manukau Institute of Technology, and lives in West Auckland with his partner and newborn son.

Guest Musician: Sean McMahon

Exceptional song writing is what has always stood out first and foremost for Melbourne artist Sean McMahon.  His momentum and motivation as an artist is solely inspired by each and every song as it forms somewhere in a realm of make believe, between real life experience and desire.  While largely inspired by the American songbook, its traditions and its champions, he’s just as likely to find inspiration up and down the highways of his home Victoria as on Hwy 61.  His poetic and melodic style of song writing is loaded with confessional narratives and vivid story telling that explore and exploit themes we may all know well, however, it’s his ability to craft a song, and his warm and honest vocals that set him apart.

‘Shiner’ by Sean McMahon and the MoonMen
is out now and available on all formats via

Open Mic: all welcome to read/perform

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MC Rachael

3rd October 2017 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Vana Manasiadis

Vana Manasiadis is a poet, creative writing teacher and editor who was born in Wellington and has lived in Greece, Italy and France. She holds a Masters in Creative Writing from the IIML. Her work regularly features in New Zealand literary publications and her first collection; Ithaca Island Bay Leaves: A Mythistorima, was published by Seraph Press in 2009

Vana is editing and translating a series of bi-lingual collections with Seraph Press. In 2016, the first of the series; Shipwrecks/Shelters, a selection of contemporary Greek poetry was published.This year, Vana is co-editing a bilingual volume of poetry by Maori women writers with playwright Maraea Rakuraku.

Vana’s writing has the vibrancy and elasticity of a native multilinguist. Her work is both cultured and kiwi – a gorgeous collision.

Guest Musician: Lukas Wharekura

Lukas fronts the award-winning NZ band Strangely Arousing. He’s a singer-song writer and guitarist, who exudes raw creativity through a vibrant genre fusion of reggae, rock and roots with ska notes.

His powerful vocal and unabashed emotion will have you spellbound and sparkly-eyed.

MC – Simone Kaho

26th September 2017 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: Mark Rafills

“…wearing three hearts on his sleeve, handling his damning like Little John’s staff, a bent bough from the strongest tree, consumed by the fire of what it means to be free…”

So goes a couple of lines from former Golden Bay poet Mark Raffills’ poem Hallelujah.

Some years ago reviewer Matt Bowler wrote of Raffills, ”The live poet is obvious; the words have both a lyrical and rhythmic quality. There is a depth to the poetry but at the same time, its heart is on its sleeve.”

“It’s what I do pretty much,” nods Raffills in agreement, “wear my heart on my sleeve, hang my poems and stories out for all to see; tell them raw, so to speak!”

The poems will be out for all to hear at Poetry Live this Tuesday 26 September as Raffills fills the guest slot at the Thirsty Dog on K Road.

A finalist in the NZ Poetry Slam 2011 and 2015, Mark Raffills has shared the stage with the likes of Hone Tu Whare, Rachel Bush, David Eggleton, He has performed at venues throughout NZ, as well as a few in Australia. either solo or with the bluegrass/folk/blues-based Dirt Floor Alliance. And he has performed a few gigs over the years with American slam champions Carrie Rudzinski and Ken Arkind.

“The live performance gets the adrenalin going,” says Raffills. “It is one thing to get the words out of the head and heart and on to the page; it is another to convey them across the space that exists between the page and the audience.”

In his words, “matters of the heart, our place on the planet and observations of family and friends” are muse and inspiration for the words which so far have found their way into three self-published collections: ‘The Cornfield and other Poems’, ‘Grace and Favour’ and ‘Loved, Misloved and Loved Again’.

After thirty years in Nelson and Golden Bay, where he helped co-ordinate both Nelson and Golden Bay Live Poets groups, Raffills last year moved to Snells Beach north of Auckland to take up grandfather duties! 

Guest Musician: Rob Tuwhare

Rob Tuwhare is a Trustee and whanau representative for the Hone Tuwhare Charitable Trust, and his late father’s literary executor. He lives in Auckland and is a carpenter.
He will be playing original music and sharing a few stories.


MC – Ken Arkind
DJ Pegleg on the magic magic music music.

12th September 2017 @ Poetrylive

8PM at the Thirsty Dog, 469 K’rd

Guest Poet: David Merritt

David Merritt, one of the nicest poets you’ll ever meet, he’s old and crinkled and well worn by experience, both good and bad. His readings are special events that run for literary reprobates, out of a box that he can carry around everywhere.


Guest Musician: MW Sellwood

MW Sellwood is an Auckland blues musician. Equally at home performing songs on stage or a street corner, his groovy electric riffs and playful vocals combine for a fresh take on Blues music in the new millennium!

Open Mic: all welcome to read/perform

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MC: Rachael