Haiku is easy to read and write, and that’s what makes it so perfect to quickly put one’s thoughts or ideas on paper. Anybody can learn to write as the composition of Haiku is pretty simple. They can help hone a person’s creative writing skills as they don’t require a big-time investment like other writing ventures such as short stories or longer poems. Things to keep in mind while writing a Haiku include:

Decide the Format of the Haiku

Haikus can be the traditional 5/7/5 syllable or can be more experimental in nature with a different number of syllables. It would depend on what the Haiku is meant to convey or illicit. If the Haiku is written in English, then it will be broken up into three lines.

Choose the Subject Matter

One of the best methods to choose a haiku topic is by paying attention to the smallest of things in one’s environment. The most common theme in Haiku is nature, so it can be something as simple as leaves falling or birds chirping. Haikus tend to be about simple elements in everyday life.

Short Phrases to Set the Mood

Using short, powerful phrases that symbolise something can work wonders and evoke strong images.

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